Salary and Welfare:

1: Pay policy:
    Reasonable, competitive and fair salary management system according to the economic efficiency of enterprises and external environment condition, and each year according to the change of market prices of dynamic adjustment; in the company, realize the internal fairness of the salary and individual equity.

2: The welfare
    According to the development stage of enterprise and employee personality characteristics, targeted to set up welfare projects, to safeguard and improve employee, happy work, happy life purpose. At present, has set up a project:
   1) Five social insurance and one housing fund: Company purchase staff located city for the staff of the social insurance and housing fund;
   2) Paid holidays: holidays; marriage leave, maternity leave, funeral leave; paid annual leave;
   3) Double cease system: 5 days a week, 8 hours working time;
   4) Annual travel: once a year full of tourism activities;
   5) Public examination: each year for staff to make a public examination;
   6) Holiday gift: for all employees is open year, Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival holiday gifts;
   7) Employees gift: cares employee life, birthday gifts, fully embodies the humane care;
   8) Subsidies: according to the position difference enjoy different types of subsidies, including subsidies communication, housing allowance, meal allowance, traffic allowance;
   9) Quarterly bonus: according to company performance, job value, individual performance and team performance, enjoy the quarterly bonus.

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