Aquastorm 100 and 200 series

Hurricane Jet ™ patented nozzle technology
Water-based chemicals isolation module
The unique air knife drying ElectroAir ™
30 "adjustable incline conveyor
Simple pipeline
Clean cleaning effect
Low cost, high stability

The ELECTROVERT Aquastorm is a versatile, high-performance cleaning system designed to optimize the PCB cleaning process while minimizing overall cost.  The Aquastorm combines the most advanced cleaning technologies in an energy-efficient design.  Available in both batch and in-line type cleaners. All Aquastorm series cleaners incorporate a Windows®-based operating system, chemistry capability and advanced drying options.

Unsurpassed cleaning technology

  • The patented Hurricane Jet applies high impact force for tight spaces
  • The unique oscillating action of the patent-pending S-Jet nozzle technology provides maximum flooding
  • V-Jet/JIC Intermix greatly improves cleaning under low standoff components
  • Chemical isolation provides optimal process separation and minimizes chemistry consumption

High performance drying

  • Advanced Torrid Zone drying technology dries complex assemblies to within 0.1 g of prewashed weight
  • ElectroAir airknife design maximizes impact force for exceptional penetration under low standoff components

Advanced system technology

  • Windows®-based operator interface monitors and logs important cleaning parameters and provides traceability with barcode capabilities
  • Simplified, stainless steel plumbing with quick disconnect fittings

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