The high performance Electrovert OmniES platform offers a combination of innovation and industry-proven technologies in an easy-to-use, reliable and efficient reflow system. The OmniES is proven to exceed lead-free profile requirements and delivers efficient high performance thermal processing.

IsoThermal™ Chamber Technology

  • Delivers highly efficient heat transfer throughout the entire process and product
  • Capable of exceeding profile requirements on thermally challenging products
  • Excellent separation between heating and cooling areas produce excellent control of time above liquidus
  • Independent, closed-loop blower speed control for thermal performance stability, flexibility, and control

Maintenance reduction technologies

  • Patent-pending dripless cooling extends maintenance intervals in the cooling section
  • Full machine accessibility to all major assemblies is easy with removable panels

Process control and repeatability

  • Barcode scanning system allows for recipe changeover for high product mix and traceability
  • Patented rail heaters can reduce peak temperature deltas ±1.5°C for products with large thermal mass
  • OmniCheck monitoring system provides continuous monitoring and verification of process parameters
  • Programmable, recipe-driven Center Board Support (CBS)
  • The comprehensive list of features that support demanding production requirements compliments the basic feature set

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