The ELECTROVERT Electra is the most advanced high-performance wave soldering system designed for high-volume manufacturing. The proven performance of the Electra delivers world-class soldering results, lead-free processing capability and an unmatched selection of process enhancing features.

Unparalleled, high performance fluxing

  • ServoJet™ fluxing system for accurate flux control and reduced bridging
  • ServoSpray™ provides an economical spray fluxing solution
  • ServoSonic™ fluxing system is ideal for use with high solids rosin and highly activated water soluble flux

Advanced, industry-proven solder nozzle technology

  • UltraFill™ nozzle increases dwell time, improves hole fill and maximizes product quality
  • Award-winning, patented DwellMax for thermally massive boards and selective solder pallets
  • High reliability, high temperature, ExactaWave wave height control system

Proven performance with accuracy and repeatability

  • Consistent, even preheating with Vectaheat and High-Velocity Convection (HVC) topside preheaters
  • Sliding Windows®-based operator console allows users to enter setup parameters while viewing the process
  • Standard, recipe-driven auto width adjust conveyor system, recipe-driven solder pot height adjustment and wet finger cleaning system

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