The ELECTROVERT VectraElite is the wave soldering solution for medium to high volume production that requires fast changeover, process flexibility, and system reliability. The VectraElite combines innovative technology in an accessible platform providing the tools necessary to achieve a zero-defect process at the lowest possible cost of ownership.

Unparalleled, high performance fluxing

  • ServoJet™ fluxing system for accurate flux control and reduced bridging
  • ServoSpray™ provides an economical spray fluxing solution
  • ServoSonic™ fluxing system is ideal for use with high solids rosin and highly activated water soluble flux

Advanced, industry-proven solder nozzle technology

  • UltraFill™ nozzle increases dwell time, improves hole fill and maximizes product quality
  • Award-winning, patented DwellMax for thermally massive boards and selective solder pallets
  • High reliability, high temperature, ExactaWave wave height control system

Innovative, feature-packed performance

  • Consistent, even preheating with Vectaheat and High-Velocity Convection (HVC) topside preheaters
  • Windows®-based operating system with process notes function and data logging traceability feature
  • Standard, recipe-driven solder pot height adjustment and wet finger cleaning system

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