Accuracy, Flexibility, Speed

The XyflexPro+ offers increased process speeds and positional accuracy over competitive platforms to maintain the ultimate in process control. 

Technology demands and requirements within the electronics industry are rapidly driving miniaturization and therefore increasing component densities within the respective devices.  It follows that today’s assembly equipment must offer an increased accuracy capability to complement the technology whilst also maintaining the high yield and throughput demands expected from the end user. 

  • Configurable with the award winning SmartStream® non-contact dispense technology
  • Linear drive system delivers high speed positioning
  • Composite frame enables 2x the positional accuracy of most dispensers
  • Rigid advanced polymer composite frame
  • Advanced vision algorithms for edge detection
  • Dual mode weight scale and patented weigh process
  • Automatic needle/nozzle cleaning
  • Tool free product changeover
  • Windows XP with Benchmark software
  • Modular design for easy field upgrades

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