Higher Performance, Lower Cost of Ownership

The Camalot Prodigy dispensing system employs breakthrough innovations to enable higher processing speeds, more precise dispense accuracies, and tighter tolerances. Prodigy is a new platform, equipped with a state-of-the-art X Y gantry system that is at the heart of this next generation dispenser. Linear drive technology, refined motion control architecture, and a rigid, innovative frame design enable fast point-to-point moves at 1.5g of acceleration. Prodigy offers an impressive XY dot placement accuracy of +/-35 microns @ 3 sigma at full system speed for an unmatched level of performance.

  • NanoShot™ revolutionary new pump - up to 600 Hz cycle rate, capable of dot sizes < 300 microns. Fully software controlled, no manual adjustments!
  • Enhanced automatic vision for both fiducial alignment and manual teaching of programs
  • Powerful Benchmark 8.0 software, a Windows®-based operating system with user-friendly GUI offers precise control of the process.
  • Closed-loop controls facilitate "hands off" setup and provide a continuous means of monitoring and maintaining tight process parameters.
  • Configurable with the award winning SmartStream® non-contact dispense technology.
  • Independent dual head configurability allows dispensing of two different materials within one process with a single height measurement.
  • Synchronous dual head dispense mode operates two independent heads simultaneously and can reduce cycle time by up to 50% for symmetrical dispense applications.
  • Parts handling system allows up to 2 conveyors with 3 staging zones.
  • Designed for easy upgrades and serviceability. Open access to all internal systems from front and back.
  • Innovative board staging option can double the dispense area in the X direction, allowing product of >900mm to be processed.

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