The measuring principle:

Automatic measurement technology based on image, measured by the stencil aperture size, location and other parameters, setting errors, compared to judge whether it is qualified with the reference value.

Simple operation, automatic completion of measurement process, not only improves the detection accuracy and speed, but also avoid the artificial judgment factors, to provide quantitative data for judging the steel net directly the quality of


Stencil aperture contrast measurement on the Gerber file

The new steel nets contrast measurement

Stencil aperture measurement comparison on PCB pads


Model Standard Technology Advanced
Poositioning accuracy ±0.013mm
Max Stencil Size 750*750mm
Max Measuring Range 550*550mm
FOV Size 14.081*10.561(mm)±0.10mm(resolution 0.008mm)
16.892*14.132(mm)±0.10mm(resolution 0.007mm)(Option)
Measuring Speed About 1.2S/FOV
Measuring Project open hole accuracy, shape, porous, low porosity, size error, spiculated margin, Mark
Measuring Principle The precise two dimensional coordinate measuring machine and precise optical measurement
Error Report Standard Standard Format or Customize Format
Stencil and Gerber contrast measurement Yes Yes Yes
Stencil and stencil contrast Yes Yes Yes
Position of the laser guidance No Yes Yes
PCB position measurement No No Yes
Comparison of PCB and Stencil No No Option
PCB position measurements are derived No No Option
Size 1200(L)*1200(W)*1500(H)
Weight 1500Kg
Power Supply 220V/50Hz,800w

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