Monmentum BTB

Momentum BTB (Back to Back) Stencil Printer

Space-Saving, High Throughput

Back-to-Back configurable for dual lane output in a compact footprint

Momentum BTB means ultimate flexibility. Use in-line, as a stand-alone, or configure back to back for dual lane output – increase throughput without increasing line length! 200mm shorter than standard Momentum, but without compromising Momentum world-class performance.

Match Printer Strategy to Dual Lane Strategy

  • Print multiple products in a single SMT Line, e.g., top and bottom side, same side, or mother/daughter boards.
  • Higher throughput but with reduced capital requirements;
  • Front-side total accessibility and service – no space required between BTB machines.

Unbeatable Momentum Proven Quality and Performance

  • Wet Print accuracy of 20µm@6σ, Cpk ≥ 2, with 6σ capability designed in and independently verified.
  • Offered in two different throughput configurations for optimum flexibility in line balancing.
  • EnclosedFlow™ enclosed media print system.

Unmatched tooling capabilities

  • EdgeLoc™
  • Tool-less dedicated workholders - uses no tools to secure them.
  • Camera verification for pin placement.

Increased Yields with RapidView™ Inspection

  • Existing field of view increases 4x
  • Speed increases 3x
  • GerberEZ Teach
  • High-speed 2D inspection with device-level SPC reporting

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