The basic specifications

1 working range of 330 × 250 (350; 450) mm

2 X, Y, A, cutting speed: 1 ~100mm/s

3 X, Y, A, mechanical repetition accuracy: ± 0.02mm

4 X, Y, A, Z, B, C control mode: the industrial IPC

5 X, Y, A, Z, B, C driving mode: AC servo motor

6 operation and data storage system: PC

The cutting accuracy: 7 ± 0.1mm

8 spindle speed: MAX60000rpm

9 host voltage: 220V 1 ψ 50 / 60H

The 10 air pressure supply: 4.5kg/cm2

11 power consumption: 3KVA

Methods: 12 dust collecting dust

The 13 collector voltage: 220V (380V) 3 psi

14 dimensions: 2150 x 1300 x 2070mm (W * D * H)


Integrated design of dust machine 1 set of host, reduce the use of space, beautiful appearance.

2 using the disposable type dust bag, put an end to the two pollution, reduce dust collecting machine maintenance.

3 high efficiency dust collector, raised dust collecting effect, a new architecture development set with dust, dust cleaner.

The 4 dust machine built-in sensors, the dust collecting bag filled with alert notification replacement, ensure that the dust collecting effect and protection of dust collector.

5 X, Y axis adopts Longmen style architecture, improve the cutting precision and speed.

6 PCB fetching is safety facilities, in accordance with public safety requirements.

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