Equipped with A/B side double laser units.
A/B side simultaneously marking structures.

1,Laser unit coupled with Z axis control, capable to handle different thickness of PCBs and components, adjustable range :±3mm.
2,Coupled with independent servos for X/Y axes.
3,A/B side independent air purification systems.

Application : Suitable for marking 1D/2D barcodes,
logos, words&pictures on PCB

Dimension: 1300(D)x1000(W)x1800(H)mm
Laser Type: CO2, 5W(*2), Forced Air Cooling
Wave Length: 10.6um
Marking Area: 30x30mm Per Position
Max. Board Size: Vertical camera 50*70 ~470*350 mm
                                Angle camera 50*70 ~ 340*350 mm

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