Parmi SPI HS60

SPI HS60 Series is PARMI’s best selling model, and is installed and used in many global SMT production sites with proven performance and stability.

spi_hs60-tThe PARMI laser measurement head uses a method called optical triangulation to measure the height, area and volume of each pad. Our internally designed RSCV laser sensor head uses two laser beams coming from opposite angles (dual laser) to completely eliminate the effect of shadows on the measurement data (zero shadow effect). This combined with our PARMI developed MPM (Multiple Profile Correction) technology can create an exact and accurate 3D image of every pad. Furthermore, our laser head also moves up and down on the Z-axis to maintain a constant distance from the PCB panel. This tracking function enables the PARMI SPI to accurately read PCB warp in real time, and produce a heat map warp image of the complete board while at the same time reproducing an accurate 3D recreation of every single pad on the PCB. It will also automatically highlight pad offset, bridge, insufficient and excess on the image. In addition to this it can measure and compensate for PCB shrink or expansion which is becoming more critical after reflow. All of these functions are very easy to use and set up in our very user friendly interface and setup which is very important for engineers and line operators.

HS 60 series platforms & mountable panel spec.

  • SPI HS60 : 360x260mm, thickness 4mm, weight 3kg
  • SPI HS60L : 520x510mm, thickness 4mm, weight 3kg
  • SPI HS60XL : 700x510mm, thickness 4mm, weight 3kg
  • SPI HS60XXL : 880x510mm, thickness 4mm, weight 3kg

Key features of 3D sensor “RSC V”

  • Speed and Resolution
    • 30㎠/sec @ 18x9um spatial resolution with RSC V
    • 60㎠/sec @ 18x18um spatial resolution with RSC V
  • Shadow free by dual laser projection
  • Real time PCB warp tracking & Warp measuring
  • Real 3D shape & color 2D image

Easy maintenance and operationspi_hs60_1
The SPI HS60 Series is very robust. The system is efficiently designed for easy access and maintenance of all parts. Monthly and annual maintenance is minimum and easy to perform.

The PARMI Linear Servo motor for X-axis scanning gives a more smooth stable motion and is not abrupt, thus eliminating friction and damage to motors. As a result, PARMI attains high quality 3D data by its RSC sensor head. The user interface for operator convenience is designed simply and intuitively so that the user can use the software easily and usefully. Innovation for production control and maximum productivity is maximized through the easy to use production software, again designed internally by PARMI. Key process analytical software aids and graphs include Statistical Process Control (SPC), Remote Control (RMC), Screen Printer feedback and much more. These software aids are under constant and continuous development based on customer feedback and customer ideas to maximize production line efficiency.

PARMI offers various models in SPI HS60 series – SPI HS60, SPI HS60L, SPI HS60XL, SPI HS60XXL, and etc depending on panel size and the needs of customers.

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