Parmi SPI SigmaX

Exceptional SPI imaging through expansive bandwidth

SIGMA X is PARMI’s award-winning 3D solder paste inspection machine.  Not “just another” in-line system, SIGMA X brings solder paste inspection to a whole new level.  Featuring an expansive application range, high repeatability, accuracy and speed ― plus a commitment to innovative process improvement ― SIGMA X excels where other systems fail.

SIGMA X delivers exclusive functionality developed over four generations to guarantee the highest return on your SPI investment.

Quality features include:

Expansive application range

  • Exclusive dual-laser technology to eliminate shadowing
  • Expansive application bandwidth that is compatible with all PCB colors and finishes, including HASL
  • Measurement height range of +/- 1 mm (0.040”) standard and optional +/- 2 mm (0.080″)
  • Identification features including via holes, edge of board and routing to reduce false calls
  • Industry’s best PCB warp-management system with real-time Z axis that tracks to the PCB surface
  • Exceptional attributes including inspection balance, height, area, volume, offset, bridge, shape, warp, and stretch/shrink
  • Easily accommodates PCB sizes up to 580 mm x 510 mm (23″ x 20″)

High repeatability, high accuracy and high speed

  • Height repeatability: 3 Sigma
  • Volume repeatability: 3 Sigma <1%
  • Height accuracy: 2 µm
  • Minimum paste size: 100 µm x 100 µm
  • Maximum paste size: 20 mm x 20 mm
  • High-performance inspection speed: 100 cm² per second @ 10 x 10 µm resolution (Orange SIGMA X system)
  • General purpose inspection speed: 60 cm² per second @ 10 x 10 µm resolution (Blue SIGMA X system)

Continuous process improvement

  • PARMI’s SPI is the Product Innovation Award Winner for 2013 and 2014
  • Intelligent machine design focuses on identifying and eliminating screen defects at the root cause
  • Exclusive Jet SPI Defect Repair adds paste to pads with insufficient deposits, which eliminates operator rework and board scrap
  • Unique Printer Doctor functionality analyzes inspection data, correlates results to printing activities, messages operator with corrective actions, and provides trend analysis to identify any process changes
  • Powerful process analysis and SPC statistical tools, plus closed-loop communication to upstream and downstream processes

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